January 3, 2015

Things that Make Panasonic Premium 4 Blade ES-LF71 a Premium Shaver

Panasonic Premium 4 Blade ES-LF71The Panasonic ES-LF71 is marketed as one of the most premium shavers in the market. There are several reasons that make this shaver a premium product that is popular among users in the upper end of the market. The first one regards its features. There are several technical features that make this machine an outstanding g product in the market. For instance, this shaver comes with a special head having high – quality four blades embedded in it. Average shavers in the market are marketed as having dual blade heads, so when this shaver is marketed as one that has four different blades incorporated in its head; it actually stands out from the rest. The beauty of having four blades is obvious. Theoretically, the higher the number of blades, the closer is the shave that a user gets.  On the other hand, the more the strokes that one has to make when shaving the higher the chance of stretching the skin thus increases friction and consequently, causing unnecessary damages to it. Therefore, this shaver, by having four blades, helps you to get a cleaner shave with less number of strokes. This means that you will not only use it longer, but will also have the safety of your skin guaranteed.

Another important feature that makes this shaver a premium product in the market regards its ability to be used under wet or dry conditions. There are shavers that can only be used in dry conditions. Subjecting such shavers to wet conditions would definitely damage the delicate parts inside. However, the Panasonic ES-LF71 is made to withstand both wet and dry conditions alike. What this means is that you are free to use your trimmer while in your shower without worrying about the delicate internal components. Further, you can still use it with any kind of shaving cream, gel or lather without risking spoiling it. The good news is that whether you use this shaver under dry or wet conditions, you get the same kind of results. Besides, the shaver is designed in such a manner that when used under wet conditions, excess water that gets inside it is simply drained out. Therefore, you do not have to worry about rinsing your shaver or about water getting clogged inside. The ability to be used under both dry and wet conditions is important in that it offers you the luxury of choosing how best to use your trimmer. Since luxury is about choice and choice is what makes things premium, this feature actually makes this shaver get into the class of premium products that allow their users to have a wide range of choices.

One last important feature of this trimmer that has made it quite loved by its users is the auto clean ability. Ideally, this shaver is able to cleanse itself in the course of use, thus saving you the trouble of having to clean it yourself. Besides, there are other important components such as the stand, which also double up as the connection to the source of power during charging, that make this trimmer much better than the rest in this category. Therefore, these features actually make the Panasonic ES-LF71 a premium shaver in the market.

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