December 31, 2015

The best safety razor blades

Many men have a hard time looking for the best double edged safety razor blades for wet shaving. In a wide market that offers myriads of options, it is difficult to find the perfect balance between head weight, sharp blades and the correct lengths of handles. When buying a safety razor blade you ought to consider a few things. First, you need to ensure that the materials used to make the blade is suitable for your skin type. In most cases, stainless steel blades are recommended for all skin types. However, if you have extra sensitive skin, it is better to purchase blades that are coated with other materials to reduce friction when shaving and skin irritation. Second, you should buy a safety razor blade that offers the perfect blend of sharpness and forgiveness. This simply means that your blade should not be too sharp that it cuts you. Neither should it be too dull that it fails to shave coarse and thick hair, causing hair pulling. Lastly, the price of getting the right safety razor blades should not be too high. There are affordable safety razor blades that can last for long periods. If you have been struggling to find shaving blades with the above qualities, read our reviews below on the top five safety razor blades for both novice and experienced shavers.

Top Safety Razor Blades for Novice Users and Beginners

There are blades which are designed specifically for beginners. These are blades that are sharp but forgiving enough for novice users to avoid cutting themselves. In addition, these blades have patented coatings that help to reduce skin irritation and as such are suitable for sensitive skin. Despite the fact that these qualities can easily be found in many blades, there are a few types that stand out and are rated amongst the best safety razor blades.

Merkur razor blades

image2.jpegMade by a German manufacturer, the Merkur Super are superior quality stainless steel blades. These blades are known for their sharpness. However, they can still be used by those who are new to shaving. Merkur Super blades can easily be used to shave off thick and coarse facial hair without pulling and causing skin irritation.

Despite its great features, this blade is priced a bit highly in comparison to other brands with similar features. It is thus advisable to first purchase a small packet of 10 blades or less and try them out in order to ascertain that you want to use them so that you do not waste a lot of money.

Derby Extra

image1.jpegDerby Extra is one of the top safety razor blades and has been such a big best seller across the globe. The DE is one of the top quality razor blades that is sold at affordable rates. Although not as sharp as the Merkur super blade, it has very smooth cutting edges that can easily trim light and slightly coarse facial hair. The company manufacturers its blades from stainless steel and coats them with a patented mixture ofchromium ceramic, tungsten and platinum. This helps to reduce skin irritation for the novice users with sensitive skin

The only caveat that many users seem to find about these razor blades is their forgiving blade. This is not sharp enough to trim thick or very coarse hair. As a result, these blades are best reserved for men with less facial hairs.

The Best Safety Razor Blades for Experienced Shavers

Wilkinson Sword

image3.jpegThe Wilkinson Sword Double Edge is manufactured by a German company and it is renowned for its top quality. Unlike the Merkur Super that is also manufactured in Germany, the Wilkinson Sword is very sharp and is thus suitable for shaving off coarse and thick facial hair. It also has a coating ofchromium, ceramic, and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) which makes shaving much easier and reduces skin irritation.

One of the complaints that many users of the Wilkinson Sword have raised is the occurrence of rust on the safety razor blades after a certain period of time. this is especially common for the users who bought the 100 blades pack and as a result many believe that the rust occurs due to poor storage.

Feather Hi-Stainless Platinum

image4.jpegThe Japanese are known for their exacting standards, a factor that is well replicated within its shaving industry. The Feather Hi-Stainless Platinum Double Edge Razor Blades are manufactured by the Japanese hi-tech manufacturer. These blades have been ranked the sharpest in the word and are capable of cutting off body parts. Due to the sharp cutting edges of the Feather blades and the potential damage that they can cause, they can only be used by experienced shavers.

The Feather Hi-Stainless Platinum may be renowned for its superior quality but its extreme sharpness makes it difficult to use. Only the most experienced shavers are capable of using these blades and this limits their popularity.

Kai Stainless Steel Double Edge Razor Blades

image5.jpegAnother Japanese brand is the Kai Stainless Steel Double Edge Razor Blades. Although these blades are not as popular as the Feather brand, they bear similar manufacturing standards as those of the Feather Hi-Stainless Platinum Blades and the two are regarded as rival brands.The unique feature of the Kai razor blades is that they are manufactured from medical grade stainless steel. The craftsmanship used in making these blades makes them forgiving but sharp enough to trim thick and coarse hair. The main difference between the Kai and the Feather brands is the thicker metal that is used on the Kai blades. This is what reduces the aggressiveness on the Kai blades and guarantees a smoother shave. Men with sensitive skins can thus be guaranteed of a smooth shave without having to worry about irritation.

Like the Feather razors, the Kai safety razor blades are too sharp and can thus be very dangerous. Novices can therefore not use this blade and neither can this device be paired with a heavy razor head. This limits the usage of this razor.


For beginners, shaving can be a difficult task and since their hands are not steady, they ought to avoid extremely sharp blades. This makes the Derby Extra razor one of the most suitable blades for new users who do not want to try out different types of blades. The best thing about this blade is that its cutting edge is not too sharp and it is also well priced.

Experienced razor users on the other hand can choose between the Feather and Kai brands. While both blades are very sharp, the final decision will depend on skin sensitivity and thickness or coarseness of hair. If you have very thick and coarse hair, the Feather blade would be most suitable for you. However, if your skin is sensitive then the Kai blade will serve you better.