January 16, 2015

Straight Razors

Male grooming regime is never complete without a shave. Shaving can take different styles and forms; however, the results of a shaving ritual are usually determined by the tool and the expertise of application. [amazon text=Straight Razors&asin=B002PQZEHQ] is perhaps one of the oldest ever used for shaving in the modern times.   Safety razors, which are more common today, may have been a direct replacement of the straight razor. However, for those that are already used to straight razors they understand that they can get far better results than when they use any other product. The only problem you will get, as new straight razor user, is a long learning curve. It is estimated that it takes an average man 100 shaves to master the straight razor. During the learning period most men, if not all, cut themselves at least once. However, after you have mastered the straight razor, you will be able to achieve better result.