February 19, 2016

Selecting the Best Single Blade Razor

Many times, in fact most of the time, people confuse or equate quantity for quality, and which is the greatest mistake people make. As much as quality things are more expensive, it is not a universal law that the higher the cost, the better the quality.

There are two types of razors, categorized by the number of blades they hold; single blade razors and multi- blade razors/cartridges. You may find yourself in a tricky situation wondering which razors will work for you, and only facts will help you make the right decision and not commercials you see on your TV. If you are on fact finding mission, you landed at the right place.

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Manufacturers have put some extra attention in to making multi blade razors, so they are available whenever needed. Commercials for both multi blade cartridge and single blade will not help you any bit in making the right decision because as logic dictates, each will give its best side ONLY hence bias. Some facts below will help you make the right decision

Single blade versus multi blade cartridge razors

A single blade razor

A single blade razor

A multi blade cartridge razor

A multi blade cartridge razor


Multi blade cartridges are more expensive compared to single blade razors. This does not mean that the single blade razors are of inferior quality to the cartridges. In fact it is quite the opposite. The one thing that men dread most in shaving is having razor bumps. Having many blades may give an illusion that cartridge razors give a super smooth shave, but you will reconsider using one if you don’t want any razor bumps in your face.

As per the commercials on multi blade cartridge, every stroke you make, the razor passes through the skin several times, hence giving a smooth precise shave, but the fact that the razor passes several times is the basis of a big problem. The first blade that passes through the skin pulls the hair up. The second blade and the third blade cut through the hair. The problem arises when the blades cut the hair beneath, which occur really often. When they cut the hair beneath the skin, the hair become trapped under the skin becoming ingrown hairs. The irritated follicles around the ingrown hairs swell up and form some not so-pleasant-looking razor bumps. As you take time to let the razor bumps heal, which is important before the next shave, the beard will be longer and thicker than it should be which elevates the risk of tugging, which means more problems during the next shave. Tugging causes irritation of the hair follicles. Even though the cartridges give a close shave, it is not worth risking.

Multi blade cartridges are mighty aggressive and beginners should not make a mistake of using them at any cost.

Using a single blade razor together with a quality shaving soap or cream then using an aftershaveis the most just thing you can do to your skin. Double edge safety razors give a gentle close shave, cutting cleanly through the beard hairs without pulling. With no pulling of hairs, there are minimal chances of cutting the hair beneath the skin, which lead to ingrown hairs, hence razor bumps. Giving a close, smooth and comfortable shave, single blade razors are simply the best. They are also good for beginners as they are mildly aggressive, just what a beginner needs.

How to effectively use a single blade, double edge safety razor

Having a good single blade razor for good shaving is one thing, while using it to shave following the right procedure is another thing. The two have everything to do with the quality of the shave you get. Here are some crucial steps you must follow to achieve a clean shave using a double edge safety razor;

  • Wash your face with hot water to pen up the pores and aerate the skin.
  • Apply a pre-shave oil to lubricate the skin and soften the beard.
  • Apply a generous amount of shaving soap or cream on the beard.
  • Shave the beard using your single blade razor

Make sure to use the right angle when shaving. Traditional double edge razors are designed to glide gently across the skin at an angle or about 30°. Avoid applying unnecessary pressure, it leads to irritation of the skin after shaving as it exfoliates the skin big time.

  • Apply the aftershave of your choice. It may be a lotion, a gel, an aftershave cologne, cream or powder.

Why a single blade razor?

They are more user friendly

Single blade razors are more user friendly compared to cartridges. They cause no irritation when used appropriately as they are not overly aggressive but still give a smooth close shave. Best choice for beginners.

Single blade razors are also referred to as double edge safety razors. As their name suggests, they give protection to the skin during shaving, a level of protection multi blade cartridge razors cannot promise.

They do not lead to razor bumps and skin irritation after shaving because unlike cartridge they do not cut the hair under the skin.

They are more affordable

Single blade razors are cheaper compared to multi blade cartridges of the same quality. This is because the cartridge has a number of blades, hence higher production cost leading to higher retail price. Despite being cheaper, they give excellent result and pose minimum risk of razor bumps and skin irritation.

They are environmental friendly

Disposing blades Safely

Disposing blades Safely

Single blade razors use one blade at a time, hence dispose on blade at a time. The multi blade cartridge uses a number of blades at go, so a several razors are disposed at a time. Anyone conscious about the need for environmental protection will know the single blade razors are better on any day.

The next time you need to buy a razor, you know which one to buy. Here are some of the common single blade razors work really conveniently.

Pall Mall Barbers Westminster Dotted Grip Butterfly

Pall Mall Barbers Westminster Dotted Grip Butterfly


Merkur Futur Adjustable

Merkur Futur Adjustable


Edwin Jagger 3D Diamond (DE3D14)

Edwin Jagger 3D Diamond (DE3D14)



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