December 31, 2015

Reviews for the Best Mustache Wax 2018

Mustaches have always baffled many people, leaving them wondering how men are able to curl up the hairs above their lips so neatly. Well, the secret to any good mustache is in one product- the best mustache wax. Regardless of your choice of mustache style, you will definitely need the mustache wax to maintain a shapely and attractive mustache. There are so many types of mustache waxes in the market that you may easily get confused and purchase a poor product. We have reviewed a list of the best mustache waxes that will help your mustache look healthy and lovely

Types of Mustache Wax

Mustache waxes can either fall under the traditional or modern categories. Each category has different characteristics and you must first choose which wax you want to use before you go shopping for the right product.

Traditional Mustache Waxes: These are waxes made out of petrochemicals bases and were used mostly in the olden days to tame mustaches. These waxes usually contain mineral oils or petroleum jelly and as such may cause mild skin irritation and clogged pores. In addition, the petrochemicals in the traditional waxes are sometimes associated with acne breakouts, although this is not a common occurrence.

Modern Mustache Wax/Trainer: These waxes are used by many people today and they are usually made from organic or natural products. Most of these waxes are also packaged in either round or rectangular tins. Due to the natural and organic bases, these mustache waxes are less harsh on the skin and reduce the risk of acne breakouts and skin irritation. When purchasing the modern waxes or trainers, you are supposed to scrutinize the labels and ingredients to ensure that the manufacturers have not added any petrochemical products.

5 Highly Recommended Mustache Waxes

Captain Fawcett’s Mustache Wax

The Captain Fawcett’s Mustache Wax is a traditional wax whose formula was invented more than a century ago. It is one of the stiffest mustache waxes and as such is renowned for the firmest hold of all types of facial hairs. Whether you have thick, coarse hair or wispy facial hairs, you are guaranteed of a tacky hold with this mustache wax. However, you have to warm the product before application as it is naturally very stiff. Once it dries, this wax does not flake and you are thus assured of a neat looking mustache. The fact that it gives off a neutral hue, makes it suitable for use on any hair color. The Captain Fawcett’s Mustache Wax comes in a variety of scents, with sandalwood being one of the most masculine and pleasant.
Despite all these advantages, the Captain Fawcett’s Mustache Wax has no enriching oil in its formula. You should therefore not expect this product to condition your mustache. Neither will it add any shine to your facial hair.

Firehouse Mustache Wax Wacky Tacky

The Firehouse Mustache Wax Wacky Tacky is a superior American product that is hand-made. The Firehouse range of mustache waxes is renowned for top quality and the manufacturer has sustained this by producing small batches of waxes that can be used on different colors of facial hairs. The Wacky Tacky Mustache Wax is usually very stiff and can only be used on the dark facial hair. For people with colored hair, there are different alternatives such as the Firehouse Mustache Wax-Light and Firehouse Mustache Wax-Dark.

The downside of the Firehouse Mustache Wax Wacky Tacky is its stiffness which can make it difficult to apply or use the product. If you have no prior experience using a true wax, then you can make your work easier by warming the product before use.

Dandy Candy Mustache Wax

This petrochemical-free product is manufactured using unprocessed beeswax, argan oil, and different butters such as mango, shea, and cocoa butters. This makes the Dandy Candy more suitable for sensitive skins as it reduces the risks of acne breakouts and skin irritation. This wax also provides a medium hold on the mustache and as such can be used for training the mustache and holding it in place. The three butter ingredients in the product also add luster to the mustache, giving it an attractive look.

There are two main downsides that consumers have raised regarding the Dandy Candy Mustache Wax. The scent of the blended beeswax, argan oil and different butters is an acquired one and might take time getting used to. Some people have also complained that the medium hold of this wax is not suitable for their coarse hair. This product may therefore not hold up well if you have very coarse hair.

Clubman Pinaud

A renowned brand, the Clubman Pinaud has been in the business of manufacturing male grooming products for more than two centuries. The Clubman Pinaud mustache wax is produced from the trusted bases of beeswax and coconut oil which are very safe and friendly on the skin. This wax is softer, making it easy to use when training your mustache. Unlike the traditional waxes, you can easily wash off this product using warm water and soap. To top up all these advantages, this product is one of the cheapest in the market.

All the above pros notwithstanding, there have been a few issues raised concerning the Clubman Pinaud mustache wax. First, the darker colored varieties of this mustache wax can cause discoloration on your skin. You are therefore advised to take precaution by using the comb that is packaged with the wax in order to avoid any stains. Alternatively, you can opt for the neutral wax to avoid skin stains. Secondly, there have been complaints about the Clubman Pinaud mustache wax during humid weather. Some consumers have found that the product fails to hold up the mustache well during humid weather.

Colonel Conk Model 118 Mustache Wax

In the shaving industry, the Colonel Conk Model 118 Mustache Wax is a well-recognized name and its beard and mustache products have been in the market for decades. The Model 118 Mustache Wax is one of the inexpensive facial hair products manufactured by this famous company and it is popular because of its stiffness. This wax promises to hold your mustache in all types of weather, whether humid or hot. In addition, it can also be used on any type of hair, including very coarse hair. It is colorless and has a light scent, making it pleasant to use.

Even though the Colonel Conk Model 118 Mustache Wax is considered one of the best mustache waxes in the market that have a perfect and firm hold on any mustache, its stiffness makes it difficult to use. You have to practice before you can finally apply this product perfectly. In addition, the stiffness makes it hard to clean off the product from your hair. 


If you have medium facial hair and want to train a thin mustache, the Clubman Pinaud is your best option. This product is very suitable if you are just learning how to train your mustache because the wax is not too stiff and can easily be applied. The comb in the package also make it easy to use the wax.

Experienced men and those living in areas with high humidity can opt for Firehouse Mustache Wax Wacky Tacky. This is because this type of wax is able to firmly hold the facial hairs even in hot weather. However, you will only need to choose the right product that will blend in with your facial hair to avoid any stains. It is also important to follow the application instructions on the package of the product to the latter.