June 11, 2014

Reviewing the Philips Norelco G370

Philips Norelco G370The Philips Norelco G370 is one of the many devices that fall under the All in One Grooming Kit category of devices. When developing such products, manufacturers seek to come up with devices which users will use for shaving, clipping and trimming hair in different parts of the body. This approach is not only meant to offer uses a means of accessing a wide range of uses for a single device but is also done as a way of achieving versatility in a single multi – featured device.

To begin with, there are important advantages that come with using this device. One common advantage arises from the ability of the Philips Norelco G370 to be used as a shaver, trimmer and clipper. This way, the product has been popular with users since it allows them to shave their hair, clip it and trim the beard to the desired shape and size. Further when considered that both the clipper and shaver of the device allow users to choose among nine different length settings, it can be seen that the trimmer offers much more to users when compared to other products in this category. Also, the fact that the All in One trimmer comes at relatively medium to low prices means that users are able to gain much value for money when they use it as compared to other devices in the category.

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There are several features that make the Philips Norelco G370 one of the most important trimmers in the market. To begin with, the All in One tag is justified by the device having several components which make up the entire kit. These components serve different purposes. For example, the hair clipper comb allows users to clip their beard and other hair to the desired length. Also, inclusion of the mini shaver in the kit is an important way of ensuring that users are able to shave different parts of their bodies other than facial hair. In addition to this is the beard and moustache trimmer whose inclusion in the Philips Norelco G370 kit makes the device an important All in One device as compared to other devices in the market that have been developed as single trimmers. Apart from these different types of trimmers, this product also contains a special trimmer for the eye brows. Inclusion of this trimmer is important in that the needs of users who have specific needs for their eyebrows are met. The last advantage that users derive from the features of the Philips Norelco G370 All in One kit is the ability to use the precision and detailing trimmer. Considering the price range of the entire kit, one is obliged to agree that inclusion of this type of trimmer makes the decision to acquire this product almost a bargain for users.

Lastly, there is nothing complex about the functioning of the Philips Norelco G370 All in One kit. The different types of trimmers work in more or less the same way the other trimmers in the market work. Also, the additional features of a rechargeable battery, different types of combs and a versatile finish are common features that are now the standard for all products in the category. However, since the trimmer has many different features, its charging time is relatively longer when compared to other similar products. Also, the many features which are included in the kit means that the working time of the product is relatively short when operating on the internal battery. However, this may not be a big problem since it is unlikely that all the different features of the trimmer are used at the same time.

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