January 3, 2015

Philips Power Touch PT860 Dual Precision Rechargeable Electric Shaver: A Review

Philips Power Touch PT860 Dual Precision Rechargeable Electric ShaverThere are several important things that make the Philips Power Touch PT860 Dual Precision Rechargeable Electric Shaver one of the most enduring products for the shaving needs of men of all time. One of the things is associated with the Philips brand. Ideally, the brand name Philips has come to be associated with quality and endurance. The company has managed to produce shavers and other products that have won the admiration of pundits across the world. One interesting thing about this brand is that consumers have grown to believe that anything that bears this name is of the highest quality. I must admit to this because since I started using products bearing this brand name, I have not been disappointed. It is this strong association of the brand name Philips with quality that offers this shaver a slight advantage over its competitors in the market. Therefore, true to its brand, the Philips Power Touch PT860 Dual Precision Rechargeable Electric Shaver bears all the hallmarks of the best in quality and durability.

There is something about this trimmer in the way that it does the actual cutting of the beard. Technically speaking, the process by which an electric trimmer shaves the beard is a highly complex one that is symbolized by the appearance of the head of any electric trimmer. The head usually has special blades that, when powered, are able to cut your beard using in powerful circular motions. This shaver is special in two main ways. First, the blades are made in such a manner that when shaving your beard, one of them lifts the small strands of hair while the other does the actual cutting. This is similar to what happens when one uses a brush to raise the little stubbles of hair so that he can have a clean shave. The only difference is that with this shaver the whole process is completely automated. This helps you get a clean shave without having to redo your moves at the same place on your face, a practice that exposes one to injury due to unnecessary stretching of the skin.

The second reason that makes this shaver special in the way it works when being used to shave your beard is the shaver has got double blades which help you get a much more precise shave when used. In general, precision is an important aspect in grooming your beard, particularly when trimming the moustache to a particular shape and size. More so, you need to maintain a high level of precision when working on your beard in general since there shall be variation in the size of the beard at different parts of your face. The dual blade technology that has been used in this shaver becomes useful for this very purpose. It helps you maintain the highest level of precision in terms of shape and size when you are shaving your beard and trimming your moustache.

Therefore, although this shaver has many features that make it one of the most reliable ones in this category, its ability to offer a much precise cut thanks to its special double blades that work though a lift and cut process, is one of the most enduring marks of this shaver. This combined with its high level of quality make the shaver remains true to its brand name.