May 3, 2016

Important Features of the Wahl Performer 5537 – 217

Wahl Performer 5537 – 217The Wahl Performer 5537 – 217 is one of the few battery operated Hair Trimmers in the market. It is interesting to note that the manufacturer brands it a performer, whatever that means. Anyway, I must agree on one thing, this trimmer has a number of features that make it actually perform pretty well when used. Here is a brief outline of some of these features and how beneficial they can be to an average user.

The highly defining feature of this trimmer is that it can be fully operated when using its internal battery. This can be beneficial in several ways. First, the fact that the trimmer takes a relatively short time to get fully charged means that you can save a lot of time in moments when you are in a hurry yet you need to do your grooming. Second, that the trimmer can operate without having a direct connection to a mains source of power means that you can use this trimmer when you are on the move. Alternatively, you may have the preference of using it without having a direct connection to a source of power. I think this gives you a sense of freedom and much enjoyment. Third, the internal battery, when fully charged, can take a considerable length of time before running out. I suppose the time, which runs to well over 40 minutes, can actually be enough for you to fully trim your hair. So, this is an added advantage really.


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Another important feature of the Wahl Performer 5537 – 217 Hair Trimmer is the quality of the blades. Ideally, a trimmer should have steel blades that have been enhanced for not only durability but also efficiency during the lifetime of the trimmer. Also, it has now become a standard in the industry that all electric shavers, trimmers and other devices for male grooming have blades that do not need to be sharpened. This trimmer has adhered to this. The high quality steel interacts with each other in a complex process that helps them retain their sharpness over a long period of time.

What you get

  • Battery powered, cordless shaver that you can use everyone
  • A shaver that you can use for beards, stubble, facial hair, necklines and sideburns
  • You can now get a close cut; between 0.6 mm to 12 mm
  • High precision shaver , high carbon steel blades for optimal cutting performance and one that remains sharp for longer
  • You will also get a stand for compact storage

I should also mention the different kinds of combs that are included in the packaging of this trimmer. First, there is the moustache comb which is meant to help you set your moustache to the right state before you engage the trimmer. Then there is the wide array of position combs that is provided with the trimmer. The combs, which number 5, are not only well fitting but also quite useful in helping you get the right length for your facial hair. Also, there is the V – Trim guide comb which is quite important in helping you get the right style for your beard and moustache. All these different kinds of combs are meant to help you get one thing: a perfect look. I think that their inclusion as accessories to this trimmer is a good thing after all.

Lastly, I must mention something about the design of the trimmer. Actually, this trimmer has a sturdy looking exterior with equally matching masculine color shades. I think this really accentuates the “performer” tagline that is used in its marketing.

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