February 19, 2016

Gillette super speed product review

Gillette 1953 notched super speed

Gillette 1953 notched super speed is a double edged shaving razor that was first manufactured in the USA in the mid to late 1950’S. It is by far the most highly rated vintage razor, due to its efficiency and great features.Unlike 1940’s edition of Gillete super speed, Gillete notched super speed has features that allow for exchange of the razor.  Introduction of Gillette notched super speed brought a paradigm shift in men’s grooming, as the wet-shaving razor allowed for a mutilation free shave.

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Gillete super speed has excellent speed, a trait that makes it one of the best. It has been made in a way to provide a close, smooth and comfortable shave. It is a favorite among people who love wet shaving. There are a variety of the super speed shavers: red dots, blue dots and flare tips each with distinct features that make it unique.

Pros of notched super speed

Highly efficientGillette super speed shaver is heavy. The weight of the shaver is well balanced throughout its structure. Being relatively heavier than other blades also makes shaving easier as their in minimal need to apply pressure. Its features allow for a smooth and fast shave without mutilations.

Beautiful appearanceGillette super speed has an amazing appearance. It comes with beautiful gold, silver or nickel plating making it really gorgeous. It has a chrome handle, a flared bottom making it stand upright and has a rounded adjustable razor. It is also heavy, with a relatively rough grid like textured handle, which enhances a good grip and the appearance. The plating also remains intact even after many years of use, due to original high quality plating materials used.

Excellent grip – Gillete super speed has a rough textured handle which give a good grip. The handle is also not too short nor too long, just ample room to hold it firmly, so as it does not slip during shaving, considering it is used for wet shaving.

Ease of blade replacement– it applies a TTO (Twist to Open) mechanism to change blades on the super speed. You simply turn the knob at the bottom, the head opens, drop the blade and tighten using the knob. Simply that.

Cons of Gillete super speed

Over the years, the vintage editions of super speed have been replaced with cheaper rubber- handled disposable razors. These has led to unavailability of the vintage super speed razors. These razors can however be found on eBay, auction sites and second hand shops though not in high numbers.