February 19, 2016

Gillete Fatboy product review

Despite being made in the earlier days when technology was not as advanced as it is now, there is something about Gillette vintage razors that make them desirable many years later. Gillette Fatboy is one of the adjustable double edge classic collection of vintage razors that is being sought after by many men.  Gillete Fatboy was produced between 1958 and 1961 (right, 4 years) in the USA. With all that time taken to manufacture it, it is quite a classic piece both in appearance and action. The piece is quite rare and retails for around $55, despite not being new.

The pros of Gillete Fatboy razor

It is highly efficient

Gillette Fatboy razorsThe Gillete Fatboy weighs 80g and is 8.5 cm long, making it bigger than all the razors in Gillete super speed editions. The weight is well distributed throughout its structure, something that greatly increases its efficiency. Being this heavy, this double edge razor gives a close smooth shave without applying much pressure. This allows for an easy shave without mutilating the skin with cuts and rough exfoliation. The heaviness also makes controlling the razor on the shaving surface unbelievably easy even when working with a thick beard.

Adjustable, allowing for different angles of shave

Gillete Fatboy razor has a mechanism that allows for change of the angle of the blade to suit your shaving angle or technique. Being adjustable, you can tweak it to have a tighter shave on your face then loosen the blades when working on the neck region. This razor allows for change of the blade gap, to give a more or less aggressive shave. It gives a precise wonderful shave without any excessive aggression.

Being adjustable means it can be used by both amateurs and professionals in shaving. Adjusting allows one to control the level of aggressiveness of the razor, hence the beginners who need razors with less aggression can use this razor, then adjust to more aggressive settings with time as they get more skillful. The higher the setting, the more aggressive the razor is.  


Ease in changing blades

Gillette Fatboy is one of the earliest razors to feature the butterfly head. It has an adjustable butterfly razor head which makes it so easy to change the blade. Instead of unscrewing the upper part of the razor in order to change the blade, it opens from the middle like the butterfly wings. This feature makes it highly user friendly.

Ease in cleaning

There is no razor gives that much ease with cleaning like the Gillete Fatboy. Cleaning makes it look as or almost as new as it was before. Just to mention, this piece is highly durable, retaining its classic look and efficiency years after being manufactured and used.  To clean this piece and sterilize it for use or sale, here are some simple steps you follow;

You need hot water, baking soda, bathroom soap scum remover, a soft bristle brush, toothpicks and sterilization liquid like jewelry cleaner of barbicide, or any other sterilizing agent.

  • Add a generous amount of the baking soda to the hot water then dip the razor. The fizzling action of the baking soda aids in lifting the old hairs in the razor.
  • Swirl from time to time to help loosen the dirt settling in the cracks.
  • After sometime, use the toothpick to scrape off the stubborn dirt that won’t leave the crevices.

(You will may need to repeat this procedure till you are satisfied with the results)

  • Scrub the razor with the soft toothbrush using soap scum remover.
  • Dip the razor in the sterilizing agent of your choice preferably jewelry cleaner for 5 minutes.
  • To give the razor the final rinse and get rid of the jewelry cleaner, dip it in another hot water with baking soda. If it looks dull still,scrub till it and buff it with whitening toothpaste to make it look newer.

With these simple steps, your razor looks new and is ready for use or sale.

Gives a god grip

Gillete Fatboy razor has a rough and relatively long handle that gives a good grip. This prevents slipping  of the razor from the hand since they are used for wet shaving.

It is beautiful

Like the vintage cars, Fatboy Gillete razor is highly attractive. It has a genius engineering design with heavenly polish which may  be gold or silver or any other finish. It is something anyone would cough some money to add to their collection.

It is of excellent quality

This razor was made and meant to last. Many years after it was made, it remains in intact and attractive condition. Any spots formed on the surface are easily removed through cleaning.

Gives an irritation free shave

The razor burns that proceed a shave is due to aggressive shaving especially with beginners without enough skill. While using this adjustable double edge razor, a setting of somewhere between 3 and 5 gives a less aggressive but smooth shave, leading to no burning sensation on the skin after shaving. It is highly recommended for beginners with a thing for vintage razors.

The cons of Gillete Fatboy razor

This double edge vintage razor cannot go without some cons, even though its pros outweigh them by far.

It has a large head

Gillete Fatboy razor, presents frustrations when it comes to shaving the areas surrounding the neck. This is because the head of the shaver is too big to allow that. This calls for need to have another slimmer shaver in your collection to shave the hairs in incased regions like the under the nose.

Uneven head exposure

The one user unfriendly aspect of this razor is that blade exposure on its both sides is not even. It causes some trouble with some of  theusers but it’s a non-issue for most users.

After doing your analysis carefully, you will realize you need this piece in your collection. Gillete Fatboy razors can be found on e-bay, auction sites or antiques store at reasonable prices considering the efficiency and undebatable classic look.

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