June 21, 2014

All about the Philips Norelco G 370

Philips Norelco G370The Philips Norelco G 370 is one of the most popular trimmers that are used for different purposes other than trimming facial hair. Here is a brief outline of the most important things about this trimmer that you need to know.

How it Functions

Like all the other electric trimmers, the Philips Norelco G 370 works by trimming your beard and moustache using special blades. The blades, which are powered by a motor during the process, are made of special steel material as a way of ensuring your safety against infection when shaving. The steel – made blades are also important in that they help you get the right cut for your beard and moustache. It is these blades which crop your facial hair when you use this trimmer for grooming yourself.

When shaving, you can decide the length that you would wish for your facial hair. This is important because men have completely different tastes and preferences with regard to the length of their beard. Whereas some look for a near clean cut, others prefer a light shade of beard which calls for variations in the length of the beard on different parts of the face. To satisfy these needs, the trimmer is designed with different settings that allow you to select specific lengths to which your beard will be trimmed. The settings for the lengths, which are given in millimeters, are designed with special locks. This is a precaution against possible sudden changes in the settings of your trimmer. With this, you can comfortably use your trimmer to get the finest details about the length of your beard, the varying shapes of different lines on your face and the overall fading effect for the beard, moustache and hair on your neck.

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General Design

Your Philips Norelco G 370 is one of the most elegant trimmers. This is because of the highly attractive design that gives it a masculine appeal. In the same manner, the color choice used on the body of the trimmer enhances the overall masculine look. Overall, you will get a good grip on your trimmer because of the good finishing that was put on this trimmer. This aspect is important because it enables the trimmer to be one of a highly ergonomic design.

Power Options

You may use your trimmer when it is actually charging or long after it has been charged; the choice really is yours. However, when you intend to use it without the cord, do make sure that the battery has been fully charged. This will help you get the most from your trimmer and avoid the awkward moments during which your trimmer gets low on power when you are in the middle of grooming yourself. When properly charged, the little battery can be marvelous; it can sustain your trimmer for about an hour.


Your trimmer comes in the form of a kit that is composed of different component: combs, blades, the charging system and the storage device. All these are packaged in such a manner that you can easily obtain the device that you want. This makes the Philips Norelco G 370 one of the most compact trimmers in the market. This is true for many other trimmers in the market, especially those that carry the Philips Norelco brand.

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