January 3, 2015

A Review of the Philips HQ6970 Male Shaver

Philips HQ6970The Philips HQ6970 Male Shaver is arguably one of the most enduring brands that have been in existence in the market for a considerable length of time. In all this time, the product has maintained a relatively good reputation in terms of how it delivers its service to clients. This has been reflected I the positive reviews that it has received from users over the course of time. There are many things that have made this product stand out among the rest for all this time, here is a brief list of some of the most important ones. First, the shaver has a wonderful design that appeals to the male eye quite instantly. I must admit that the moment I saw the image of this trimmer, I got attracted to the design long before I had decided to buy it. Although this may sound funny, I think it is true that the design of the product is meant for the eyes of men.

Speaking of the design of this shaver, there is something interesting about it that makes it quite easy to use this shaver; it is called ergonomic design. When you hold this shaver while doing your work, you will find out that it is light and that it offers you’re a nice grip. Further, the rubber finishing ensures that you can hold it quite firmly when shaving. This is an attribute that can make the difference between this shaver and the rest to not only first time shavers but also for well established hands in the business. The nice design of this shaver is complemented by an attractive color scheme that makes the product match quite comfortably with other products likely to be found in a man’s bathroom. Although this may sound like a trivial attribute it is actually something worth considering to men who are conscious of their overall image.

When reviewing the Philips HQ6970 Male Shaver, it is important that I mention something about the way the shaver actually functions. Essentially, this is an electric shaver that can be easily charged and used when not connected to a source of power. What this means is that you can simply charge the shaver and use it at your own convenience. When using the internal battery, the charger can run for a considerable length of time. although it may not be powered forever, the length of time that the shaver can run on its internal battery when fully charged is long enough to allow you have a full shaving session of your beard and even body hair.

Apart from its ability to work without being connected to a source of power after getting fully charged, it is important that I mention something about how the shaver actually works. In general, this device is highly efficient in helping you shave and trim you beard and moustache. This is because its head is designed in such a manner that when you use it on your face, it is able to follow the shape and contours of your face during the process. This is important in that it reduces the degree of friction that you would have experienced when using a trimmer that lacks the feature.

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