January 3, 2015

A Brief Review of the Philips QS6140/32

Philips QS6140/32The Philips QS6140/32 is marketed as a Style Shaver Beard Trimmer and Foil Shaver. This means that the product is marketed as a composite device that is made up of different technical elements contained in one device. Here is a brief review of how it works and how it can be maintained during its lifespan.

Care and Maintenance

In general, the way you care for your machine and maintain it determines how well and long it will serve you. The same can be said with regard to trimmers. Essentially, trimmers are delicate products that require a high degree of maintenance for them to remain in good condition to serve you as expected.

Usually, many trimmers come with a two year warranty, meaning that the manufactures believes that the device is able to operate for two straight years without giving you any form of trouble. Although this is true, whether it actually comes to pass or not depends on how well you take care of your trimmer and maintain it during the period. The good news about the Philips QS6140/32 is that it requires minimum attention with regard to care and maintenance. You do not need to oil your trimmer as is the case with other trimmers which require occasional oiling to protect their delicate internal parts from the effects of friction. It is good to learn that this trimmer has been lubricated for its entire lifespan. Further, it is always easy to clean it after use. All you need to do is hold it under a tap of running water or simply use a cleaning brush to remove tiny hair parts that may tend to get stuck inside after a session of shaving or trimming your facial hair.

How it works

The Philips QS6140/32 is a composite device that can be used for two different purposes: shaving and trimming. Many users find this device useful for trimming their beard. This is because of the highly advanced nature of its blades, motor and other technical features that are associated with the complex art of trimming the male beard. For instance, the lands of the trimmer are not only made of steel but also, are able to gently rub against each other in the course of working. This complex process makes it unnecessary for you to think about sharpening them! Also, the device has a foil shaver which ensures that you get a relatively close shave for a few strokes. This is because of the highly technical nature of the blades themselves, which enables them to pick up the little stubbles that remain in the process of shaving and trimming.

Lastly, the Philips QS6140/32 is a device that is easy to use in that it has 12 different settings to choose from for the length of your beard. This wide range of choices means that you are able to get the right kind of look for your face since different parts of the face require shaving and trimming to a specific length. Besides, the many length setting for this device means that those men with different tastes and preferences can find it appropriate for their specific needs.

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